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Issues Today Radio

Since 1998 Bob Gourley has been exploring "the issues that affect all of us" with an outstanding list of guests each week. The fast-paced half hour is syndicated throughout the United States. 

Mar 28, 2022

(#22-14-Mar.-Apr. 4) Regina Herzlinger discusses the healthcare worker shortage. David Shepherd and Harold Sinnott give a preview of the workplace of tomorrow plus Dr. Michael Breus with some anti-snoring tips. 

Mar 21, 2022

(#22-13-Mar. 21-Mar. 27) Serena McClain answers the question, " Do we have too many dams?" Elijah McCoy will detail the growing problem of business loan scams plus two professionals on hearing health.

Mar 14, 2022

(#22-12-Mar. 14-Mar. 20) Laura Cutilletta talks about gun control. Sue Peschin details symptoms of heart valve disease plus Sean Lupton-Smith on the E-Bike revolution. 

Mar 7, 2022

(#22-11-Mar. 7-Mar. 13) Dayna Bowen Matthews discusses racism in healthcare. Allen Hester talks about the need for fewer nuclear weapons plus Natalie Zfat on creative burnout on social media.