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(#17-4-Jan. 16-Jan. 22) Kent Heavenlively will talk about the possible relationship between vaccines and autism. Nile Nickel will comment on the cord-cutting phenomenon and Dr. Stephanie O'Leary on parenting in the modern world. 

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(#17-3-Jan. 9-Jan. 15) Howard Waldstreicher will discuss his book "Is Your Job Killing You?" Anthony Kovic will give some winter disaster planning tips. Gary Sirak will talk about his book "American Dream Revisited." 

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(#17-2-Jan. 2-Jan. 8) Ty and Carole Moss will discuss the growing problem of antibiotic overuse. Natasha Trenev will commenet on false labeling of probiotics. Justin Croxton will give some cyber marketing tips.  

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(#17-1-Dec. 26-Jan. 1) Scott MacDonald will discuss a new program to reduce student debt. Joseph Marrone will comment on the growing amount of police shootings. Andy Phillips will give some tax-saving tips. 

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(Dec. 19-Dec. 25) Michele Seiler-Tucker will discuss the upcoming Trump economy. George Santino will talk about his book "Get Back Up". Katie Vliestra will discuss issues concerning small business owners. 

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(#16-51-Dec. 12-Dec. 17) Dan Mazzella will talk about the growing national debt crisis. David Ackerman will comment on the challenges of the new financial adviser rules. Heather Wagenhals will detail some last minute holiday shopping tips. 

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(#16-49-Dec. 5-Dec. 11) Professor Philip Romero will talk about new funding sources for healthcare. Dr. Laura Jana will detail how to raise self-less children. Richard Oden will give the plusses of being a foster parent. 

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(#16-49-Nov. 28-Dec. 4) Dr. David Magnano will give tips on how to reduce heartburn pain. Kathleen Turner will discuss her book "Find Your Fit." Tami Gilbert will give career-building tips. 

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(#16-48-Nov. 21-Nov. 27) Lowell Pointe will comment on the strength of the U.S. monetary system. Chrissy Steed will talk about kid entrepreneurs. Dr. Mache Seibel will detail new treatments for menopause. 

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(#16-47-Nov. 14-Nov. 20) Dr. Richard Shane will discuss new treatments for sleep disorders. Clete Bulach will talk about the challenges of standardized school testing. John McLemoore will give Thanksgiving cooking tips. 

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