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(#16-40-Sept. 26-Oct. 2) Lecester Johnson will talk about adult charter schools. Yolanda Tucker will detail the growing problem of domestic abuse. Carol Shifflett will talk about the growing concern of concussions in sports. 

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(#16-39-Sept 19-Sept. 25) Tom Broadwater will discuss the push for more jobs for minorities. Leah Parks will talk about green jobs and boosts in the economy. Ben Griffith will detail the push for more voter rights. 

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(#16-38-Sept. 12-Sept. 18) Derek Black will talk about the challenges of zero tolerance policies. Bryan Carpenter will detail the growing problem of veterans and PTSD. Ross Cascio will give some home security tips. 

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(#16-37-Sept. 5-Sept. 11) Father Joseph talks about new approaches to education Katie Kleber will detail the do's and don'ts of hospital visits. Tamra Chandler will discuss why some job evaluations hurt job performance. 

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(#16-36-Aug. 29-Sept. 4) David Ackerman will discuss the future of Bitcoin. Dr. Keith Kantor will describe how to pack the perfect kids lunch. Nurse Practitioner Wendy Wright will detail the growing problem of head lice. 

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(#16-35-Aug. 22-Aug. 28) Mark Falter will discuss how to maximize Social Security benefits. Leaha Mattinson will describe some of the challenges of blended families. Dave Foreman will list some natural treatments for arthritis. 

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(#16-34-Aug. 14-Aug. 21) Dr. Fred Jacobs will discuss doctor shortages in rural areas. Sherry Brown will compare the tenets of the world's religions. Dr. Desmar Destang will give summer skin tips. 

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(#16-33-Aug. 8-Aug. 14: Naomi Covington will discuss new organizations that aid victims of natural disasters. Sarah Gavin will some summer travel tips. Renee Jones will talk about summer slimming. 

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(#16-32-Aug. 1-Aug. 7) Jordan Goodman will discuss the effects of Brexit on the American wallet. Kevin Chamous will talk about why some minorities are being short-changed in the public school system. Phil Sexton will talk about the future of publishing. 

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(#16-31-July 25-July 31) Newsweek's Jeff Stein details how American cities are preparing for terrorist attacks. Dr. Woody Woodward will talk how to decrease vacation stress. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harley will talk about entrepreneurial DNA. 

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