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Issues Today Radio

Since 1998 Bob Gourley has been exploring "the issues that affect all of us" with an outstanding list of guests each week. The fast-paced half hour is syndicated throughout the United States. 

Oct 27, 2014

(#14-44-Oct. 27-Nov. 2) Attorney Anne Mitchell will discuss the new California sexual consent law. Dr. Christine Horner will detail new treatments for breast cancer. Cathleen Enright will detail misconceptions about genetically-modified food.

Oct 20, 2014

(14-43-Oct. 20-Oct. 27) Greg Kozera will talk about the present and future of fracking.'s Ross Kenneth Urken will detail how parents can teach their kids about finances. Joe Flower will comment on national healthcare.

Oct 13, 2014

Patricia Damery will discuss biodynamic farming. Wayne Windgarden will comment on a new study that looks at energy regulation throughout the country. Ted Coine will detail why every company needs to embrace social media.

Oct 6, 2014

(#14-41-Oct. 6-Oct. 12) Jay Fitter will weigh in on the corporal punishment controversy. Dr. Mary Bloch will discuss why some innoculations may be dangerous. Attorney David Crouse will give signs when couples are in trouble with their relationship.