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Issues Today Radio

Since 1998 Bob Gourley has been exploring "the issues that affect all of us" with an outstanding list of guests each week. The fast-paced half hour is syndicated throughout the United States. 

Feb 22, 2021

(#21-9-Feb. 22-Feb. 28) Sophia Thomas gives un update on virus vaccinations. Kelly Anderson comments on how corporations are helping health providers with high tech solutions and Dr. Laura Cheevers on AIDS and the black community. 

Feb 16, 2021

(#21-8-Feb. 15-Feb. 21) Steve DelBianco discusses efforts to regulate the internet. Dr. Eduardo Sanchez talks about tea and heart health and Bonnie Taub-Dix on healthy snacks. 

Feb 8, 2021

(#21-7-Week of Feb. 8, 2021) Dave Jenkins talks about proposed oil and gas leases on public lands. Lance LoRusso predict how police relations will be with the Biden administration and Clare O'Connor on dating during the pandemic.

Feb 1, 2021

(#21-6-Feb. 1-Feb. 7) Adam Jentleson talks about the new Senate. Steve Mulroy comments on the future of the electoral system and Curtis Mobley on his book "The Entrepreneur's Paradox.