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Issues Today Radio

Since 1998 Bob Gourley has been exploring "the issues that affect all of us" with an outstanding list of guests each week. The fast-paced half hour is syndicated throughout the United States. 

Feb 29, 2016

Mark Friedlander will discuss improvements in STEM education programs. Lea Brovedani will detail traits of successful business leaders. Carol Core will detail tips for senior caregivers. 

Feb 22, 2016

(#16-9-Feb. 22-Feb. 28) Tom Skarda will detail the pros and cons of owning a franchise. Dr. Bob Wright will talk about ways to improve personal relationships. T.J. Walker will discuss the growth in the lab-grown diamond market. 

Feb 16, 2016

(#16-8-Feb. 15-Feb. 21) Peter Neill will discuss the growing importance of the oceans for the future of the planet. Dr. Jack Olds will detail the growing shortage of primary care physicians in the country. Dale Nabors will give the pros and cons of owning a vacation home. 

Feb 8, 2016

(#16-7- Feb. 8-Feb 14) International Business Times Writer Carter Dougherty will talk about the growing problem of China's economy and how it affects the United States. Dr. Dana Cohen will discuss the growing problem of heart disease in women. Dr. Gregory Jantz will detail the effects of second-hand smoke. 

Feb 1, 2016

(#16-6-Feb. 1-Feb. 7) Weam Namou will discuss Christian persecution in the middle east. Dr. James Rota will detail alternatives to mercury dental fillins. Jason Carroll will detail new monitoring devices for seniors and babies.