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Issues Today Radio

Since 1998 Bob Gourley has been exploring "the issues that affect all of us" with an outstanding list of guests each week. The fast-paced half hour is syndicated throughout the United States. 

May 26, 2023

(#23-23-May 29-June 4) Dani McDonald details how businesses can retain their employees. Kevin Stocklin talks about why some corporations are taking more political stands plus Dr. Billy Goldberg on clean label products. 

May 22, 2023

(#23-22May 22-May 28) Michelle Steinberg gives tips on how homeowners can protect their property from wildfires. Troy Green gives an update on the real estate market plus Dr. Udo Erasmus on obesity. 

May 15, 2023

(#23-21-May 15-May 21) Mark Blum discusses the problem of rising drug costs. Christina Gerhardt comments on the challenges Pacific Islands have with the climate plus David Lewis on cyber security.

May 8, 2023

(#23-20-May 8-May 14) Sandra Postal details ways to save water. Dr. Susan Walley discusses the need to curtail vaping plus Stephanie O'Connell answers the question, "Why is it so hard to save money?'

May 1, 2023

(#23-19-May 1-May 7) Ruchira Gupta discusses human trafficking both internationally and domestically. Christine Channels talks about financial health plus Brandi Horton on hiking for health.